20+ Chronic Illness Blog Post Ideas

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There are a lot of blog post ideas out there, especially on Pinterest, but there aren’t really any that relate to chronic illness. I often wonder what I should write about when I’m stuck and it’s so difficult to come up with anything. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of chronic illness blog post ideas that should be helpful for other chronic illness bloggers. Don’t forget you can always ask people for guest posts if writing your own posts becomes too much!

If you don’t have a blog already, check out this post on how to start one.

Living with Chronic Illness

  • What I wish I knew before I got sick
  • # things you don’t know about (insert illness here)
  • A day in the life of a person with (insert illness here)
  • # chronic illness hacks
  • Your favourite flare day foods
  • Your favourite things about living with chronic illness — this is a tough one!
  • Q&A about (insert illness here)
  • Your current goals
  • What actually is (insert illness here)? — explain your illness(es)
  • How to survive (insert holiday here) with chronic illness
  • Who are you grateful for? — your support system
  • What is a spoonie?

Tips for Normies

  • Things you should NEVER say to someone with chronic illness
  • Things you SHOULD say to someone with chronic illness
  • How to support someone with a chronic illness

Products for Chronic Illness

  • What’s in your flare kit
  • Your favourite chronic illness accessories
  • What’s in your hospital bag
  • Shops run by spoonies
  • Gift ideas for spoonies


  • # things I’ve watched since getting sick
  • My # favourite TV series
  • My favourite film
  • Review about a chronic illness related series or film
A woman lying in bed eating popcorn.

Chronic Illness Socials

  • Your favourite chronic illness bloggers — don’t forget to link them!
  • Your favourite chronic illness social media accounts to follow
  • What do you think of the chronic illness community?
  • Why did you start your blog?

Georgina E Banks

full-time chronic illness manager | EDS + FND + too many others to list | chronically complicated musician | space enthusiast ♡

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