5 Chronic Illness Friendly Things to Do When Bored

Multicoloured paint bottles and pencils, and a paint palette.

There are times in everyone’s lives that they become bored, but this happens all too often for people who have a chronic illness. Along with having to deal with the symptoms of my illness, I also have to deal with the fact that there is very little I can physically and mentally do. This is where this list comes in handy. I know that I can do at least one of these activities on a specific day, even if I’m in a flare. Here are 5 chronic illness friendly things to do when bored.

Watching Netflix

I am almost always watching some form of on-demand tv, whether that’s NetflixAmazon Prime, or BBC iPlayer. This is the one thing I’ve done almost every day since getting sick. It doesn’t take much mental effort and it takes no physical effort as I watch it in bed. Watching tv is possibly the most chronic-illness friendly thing to do.

A TV remote held up pointing to a TV displaying Netflix.


I’ve done a lot of colouring over the past couple of years. I like using colouring books, such as the ones by Millie Marotta because I’m rubbish at drawing. Colouring is very satisfying, and I can do it for ages without really thinking about it. This is a good activity for when I’m having a bad day, but I’m not too tired. I don’t have to think too much about doing it and it takes very little physical effort to colour besides having to sit up. It’s also a very good distraction.


Painting by numbers is one of the more creative ways I ease my chronic illness boredom. I only thought about this as a possibility last year, but it helped me through some rough times, and I will be forever grateful for that. Freehand painting is also another way of easing boredom, and I know a few spoonies who do this.

Multicoloured paint bottles and pencils, and a paint palette.

Working on my blog

Since starting my blog in October 2018, I have spent a lot of time working on it. I love doing this when I’m having an okay day, because it’s a very good distraction and I find it really fun, too. Writing is one of the ways I have been told to utilise to improve and manage my mental health. A lot of people who have a chronic illness will struggle with their mental health at some point, and I have found blogging helps me stay more stable.


The last way I ease my boredom is through cooking. I don’t do this very often, and when I do it’s always something that doesn’t take up too much effort or time, but it’s a really fun activity to do — and the food tastes amazing after! This is an activity I do when I’m having a good day, because it takes a lot of energy, even if I do it sitting down. I spent many hours baking cakes and biscuits last year and it’s something that makes me feel more ‘normal’.

Chocolate (maybe red velvet) cupcakes with frosting.

Georgina E Banks

full-time chronic illness manager | EDS + FND + too many others to list | chronically complicated musician | space enthusiast ♡

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