A Diagnosis of Dysbiosis

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The background is a blue wall. There is a sunflower in a white vase on a cream table. The foreground is dark grey text that reads "A Diagnosis of Dysbiosis". - A Diagnosis of Dysbiosis

I have finally received the results from my test the nutritionist did. It turns out I have dysbiosis, which is basically an imbalance of gut bacteria. After all that! It has already been such a difficult journey and even though I finally have a diagnosis of dysbiosis, it’s only just beginning.

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Dysbiosis seems quite simple to treat – I will just have to take a lot of tablets and food supplements to restore the bacteria and stimulate the gut. In a couple of weeks, I will have to be on bed rest for a few days after starting a new tablet regimen, but hopefully, after that, I will be feeling much better!

I can’t believe I’ve been ill for such a long time and all that’s wrong is an imbalance of gut bacteria!

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