A First Swim

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The background is a blue wall. There is a sunflower in a white vase on a cream table. The foreground is dark grey text that reads "Swimming for Physio". - A First Swim

On Monday, I went swimming. It was the first swim I’d done in ages! I found it quite odd swimming in a pool rather than a river or the sea whilst sailing.

I found swimming very difficult to do, as I still can’t move my left side very well after what happened over Christmas. I had to focus a lot on how to swim one-sided, as I had to kick my right leg out whilst pulling my right arm in so I didn’t go round in circles. Nevertheless, I swam 10 lengths!

One thing I found strange was my ability to walk in the water. I can’t lift my left leg up, so I have to slide it along the floor. When walking in the pool, I could walk almost normally. It was still dragging a bit but it was much easier than walking out of the pool.

My left arm was really useless when trying to swim, which was odd, as I can move it quite well usually. Its mobility got a little bit better the longer I tried to swim, but it still wasn’t as mobile as it is out of the water.

I thought my swimming wasn’t too bad due to the circumstances. It was tricky to focus on swimming for the half-hour, but I did manage to do it. It was good physio, too.

The photo is a Pinterest pin which is split into two sections. The background at the top of the pin is light blue with bold white writing that reads "A First Swim". The bottom of the pin is a photo of a green succulent in a grey pot against a cream/grey background. There is a small white circle in the middle of the pin with a blue medical ribbon in the middle.

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