Do you have people dismiss your disability? Or say you’re not trying hard enough to “overcome” your chronic illness?

I get it. You spend your life listening to people say things like:

  • “But you don’t look sick”
  • “Have you tried yoga?”
  • “You just need to be more positive”
  • “You’re sick because you’re not [enter ‘required’ religion here]”
  • “Have you tried juicing?”
  • “You just need to lose weight”
  • “You’re not trying hard enough”

Well, let me just tell you THEY’RE WRONG. You can’t overcome a chronic illness. Invisible illnesses are invisible. Yoga isn’t magic and neither is juicing.

Over the next few days, you’ll get my absolute best tips to help you become your best advocate. You’ll be able to stand up against them, as well as raise awareness for chronic conditions and disabilities in daily life. And you’ll be able to start all this RIGHT NOW!