Chocolate is Back in My Life

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This is a really random post, but I have THE BEST news I’ve had all year. I can eat chocolate again!

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It’s been about six months since I last ate chocolate. It was really sad, the day I found out I could no longer eat chocolate because it made me feel sick. But it’s back!

It was kind of weird when I found out I can eat chocolate again. When I was trying to make myself some lunch, I started shaking and was cold because I hadn’t eaten enough sugar. I found some *Heroes in the larder so ate a couple of them. I knew it was my blood sugar because this has happened a few times before and eating something sweet usually helps. I used to eat quite a few healthy sugars – honey, sugar in fruit, chocolate – but I haven’t eaten any of that in ages as it makes me feel sick. I don’t even put sugar on stewed Bramley (cooking) apples which are sour to a normal person!

I’m so glad I can finally eat a little bit of chocolate again. I can’t wait to make some pig biscuits!

The photo is a Pinterest pin which is split into two sections. The background at the top of the pin is light blue with bold white writing that reads "Chocolate is Back in My Life". The bottom of the pin is a photo of a green succulent in a grey pot against a cream/grey background. There is a small white circle in the middle of the pin with a blue medical ribbon in the middle.

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