Chronic Illness Resources

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Living with a chronic illness (or multiple) is incredibly challenging, so I’ve put this page together of resources for chronic illness patients. You’ll find information about what it’s like living with chronic illness, chronic illness tips and other chronic illness blogs.

If you’re looking for my recommended resources for blogging, you can find them here.

What it’s like living with chronic illness

I run a series on this blog called the What It’s Like Living With Series, which is all about what it’s like living with different chronic illnesses. In their guest posts, people write about their daily life with chronic illness and how their lives have changed since becoming chronically ill. You can find all the contributions to this series here, but here are some of the most popular posts:

Chronic illness tips

Everyone who lives with a chronic illness knows that it’s really hard, so I try to make my posts as helpful as possible. Here are some of the most popular posts that contain tips for living with chronic illness:

Other blogs writing about chronic illness

Although I hope to cover as many chronic illness related topics as possible, that will take an extremely long time and I won’t be able to cover every topic. Here is a list of other chronic illness blogs:

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