If It Weren’t for My Crutches, I Wouldn’t Be Playing Guitar

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The background is a blue wall. There is a sunflower in a white vase on a cream table. The foreground is dark grey text that reads "Crutches Let Me Play Guitar Again". - If It Weren't for My Crutches, I Wouldn't be Playing Guitar

What on earth do crutches have to do with playing guitar?

This is probably what’s going through most of your heads right now. I’m not surprised, you must think I’m mad. Just bear with me on this one.

Losing my muscle strength

Up until the first of February, I hadn’t played guitar for a whole year (see my post ‘I’m a guitarist again!‘ for more information). This was due to my skin sensitivity and hypersensitive hearing. Neither of these has improved, but I’m getting used to coping with them.

For most of last year, I was house-bound. Occasionally I would be able to cook or lie outside, but most of the time I was in bed. Due to this, I lost a lot of my muscle mass and strength. I couldn’t even hold my iPad up so I could watch TV – I had to lie on my side and prop it up. I’m a very musical person, so I was devastated when I could no longer pick up my guitar. I was working so hard on managing my skin sensitivity and hypersensitive hearing so I could play again, only to be let down again, this time by my muscles.

if it weren't for my crutches i wouldn't be playing guitar

Okay, but seriously, what do crutches have to do with playing guitar?!

I’m nearly there, I promise!

Due to my legs giving up on me (quite often, now) I have been using my crutches so I can actually move around the house. This means my arm muscles are getting stronger! I actually can’t believe something as horrible and annoying as having to use my crutches can have such a positive consequence like being able to play my guitar again. I’m so surprised! I’m really looking forward to playing my guitar at the next Open Mic, even for only one song.

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8 Replies to “If It Weren’t for My Crutches, I Wouldn’t Be Playing Guitar”

  1. Keep being you hun xxx

  2. I’m glad that you can find something so positive in that all! Good luck with open mic!

  3. theordinaryblogger1 says: Reply

    So glad to hear you’re back to the guitar, good luck with your open mic night!


  4. that sounds amazing!! you wouldn’t have thought to link the two, but it’s great and good luck at your open mic night!!:)

    1. It is! And thank you 🙂

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