Pathways: The App for Chronic Pain Patients

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This post, “Pathways: The App for Chronic Pain Patients”, was written and sponsored by Sandip Sekhon from Pathways. You can read my disclaimer for more information.

Apps for chronic pain have the power to make a significant change to a pain patient’s life. They can literally take the user’s pain away. There’s something magical to that.

That might be through empowering pain science education. Pain relieving meditations and mindfulness exercises (try not judging your pain today and see what happens).

You might benefit from relaxing or refreshing breathing exercises. If you need to regain mobility, guided physio and yoga exercises will help to do that.

There was no app that offered all of that when I was battling hand and arm chronic pain (Repetitive Strain Injury), so I decided to create it: The Pathways App.

Like many patients, I went through an intense merry-go-round of failed treatments. Year after year hopelessness grew.

I recovered from chronic pain once I discovered, and practised evidence-based techniques that help to calm your pain system, and train your brain away from pain.

For years, my hands and arms were so sensitized to pain, that it would be impossible to type more than a few words. Now, I’m back to writing as I please, pain-free.

There needed to be a product that offered patients every evidence-based technique that has the power to change pain. Although many patients won’t be able to bring the pain down to zero, even being able to reduce pain just a few notches, can be life-changing.

We rolled out Pathways last year (June 2018). I’m humbled to report that the app has now helped hundreds of patients reduce, and sometimes get rid of persistent pain. You can check out our reviews on our iOS and Android download pages.

Here’s one of the many reviews we’ve pinned up in the office:

“I’ve had years of back and neck pain that stopped me working. 6 weeks into this program and I’m having my first pain free moments. Thank you!”

Sarah S ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What does the Pathways app include?

Our pain relief program is an interactive self-help journey designed to train your brain away from pain.

Using the proven biopsychosocial approach to pain, we address pain from all angles. That includes the physical, emotional and psychological.

We start with easy to understand pain science education. Many patients tell us that they started to feel better once they understood what’s going on in their brain and body when something hurts.

We then take patients through many other exercises. That includes shifting pain beliefs, guided motor imagery, diaphragmatic breathing, visualization practices, meditation, mindfulness, expressive writing and so much more.

We leave no stone unturned in our journey to help patients reduce pain.

What conditions does Pathways help with?

Pathways is focused on chronic pain. Sometimes, pain is the only symptom, and often, pain will accompany an illness.

We know that when pain lasts beyond the normal healing time, our nervous system and brain get better and better at creating the experience of pain. This is called central sensitization and it could be responsible for some, or all of the pain you’re feeling.

It’s like the volume on your pain system has been turned up, and is stuck in high alert.

Thankfully, there are techniques we can use to take back control. To calm our pain system over time.

Our program is most popular with back pain and migraine sufferers. Next are neck and shoulder pain patients, fibromyalgia patients, and nerve pain patients. Anxiety and depression often accompany these conditions.

This is of course not an exhaustive list. In the last year, we’ve had patients with over 80 pain conditions try our program, and feel some degree of benefit.

What does it cost?

Pathways is free to download and we offer an extensive free trial (no card required). Beyond that, patients can choose to subscribe. Monthly access is $14.99, and the most popular plan is our yearly plan at $69.99.

We offer a money-back guarantee if patients try our program, and don’t find pain relief. That’s how much we believe in it!

What does the future hold for Pathways?

We’ve been around for a year now and feel like we’re just getting started. We have an aggressive development timeline. In the next 10 weeks, we aim to add hundreds of physio exercises and yoga classes for all abilities.

We’re adding interactive well-being challenges that help take the focus away from pain, and onto just feeling good.

We’re going to create the most extensive well-being and diet tracker. If all goes to plan, we hope to start offering immersive & relaxing Virtual Reality experiences. It’s time pain patients got more!

What are your tips for patients to get the most out of Pathways?

The two most important qualities of our most successful patients are a belief that they can improve their situation. That they’re not doomed to suffer. A belief that they can improve their well-being.

The second most important quality is commitment to the tasks we assign a patient. Training your brain away from pain, and desensitizing your nervous system is a journey that takes courage, hope and commitment. If you’re able to put in the effort, the rewards will be more than worth it.

Ready to give it a shot? App download links are above, on our website, or just search ‘Pathways Pain Relief’.

To your health,



Sandip Sekhon is the founder of Pathways. He battled with RSI for over four years. He tried an endless list of medical interventions, including two invasive surgeries. He was only able to recover once he understood how pain worked and took advantage of evidence-based techniques that help to desensitize our pain system.

This is a pin for you to share on Pinterest. It reads "App for Chronic Pain Patients".

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