Kinesiology Tape by Proworks Product Review

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What is kinesiology tape? How can it benefit someone with a chronic illness? Is it worth investing in? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this Proworks Kinesiology Tape review!

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What is kinesiology tape and what is it for?

Kinesiology tape is used to support joints, especially in the cases of sprains, strains and instability. Proworks’ Kinesiology Tape is made from 5% spandex which gives it its stretch. The other 95% is made from cotton which gives it a soft feel.

How do I use kinesiology tape?

I use kinesiology tape to support my joints to ease the pain. I find that it works well in supporting my joints (if I put it on right!) and it usually eases the pain, at least a little bit.


  • Very easy to apply, especially with all the tutorials online
  • Sticks to my skin well
  • Lasts a couple of days (I haven’t tried showering with it, though)
  • I love the colours!


  • Sometimes the edges come unstuck and can rip the rest of the tape off
  • Why would they make army camouflage pattern before plain purple?!


Overall, I love Proworks Kinesiology Tape and highly recommend using this brand of kinesiology tape. I currently have light blue and hot pink tapes, both of which I love – I just wish they would make a purple one!

You can buy Kinesiology Tape by Proworks *here.


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