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I’ve tried and tested a lot of resources on my blogging journey to try to make Chronillicles the best chronic illness blog I can. On this page, you will find all the blogging resources I have found helpful, and I hope that you will use them and find them helpful too.

All thoughts and opinions are my own. This page may contain affiliate links, which are marked with an *asterisk. I honestly love all the products I recommend. Please read my disclaimer for more information.

Recommended Blogging Resources:

For Starting Your Blog

Starting a blog is the biggest step you can take on your blogging journey. You wouldn’t have that journey if you didn’t start your blog in the first place! Why not check out my post to find the cheap and easy way to start your blog? You can reach my post here.

I use Dreamhost to self-host my blog. I love using them because I can choose to pay monthly, so I don’t have to shell out hundreds of pounds to even start a blog. The plan I use is the Shared Unlimited plan, which lets me host an unlimited number of domains and gives me multiple other benefits. You can find their homepage *here, or you can find links to their specific plans here:

If you decide to use Shared Unlimited hosting like I do, you will receive $50 dollars at no extra cost if you use *this link!

For Social Media

Tailwind is the best investment you can make to help you promote your blog. It connects to Pinterest (and Instagram too) and lets you schedule pins – both yours and ones that you find on Pinterest. It then schedules your pins for the best times, so you’re not always on Pinterest. You can choose how many times it pins per day and it’s super easy to bulk-schedule pins, so you may only have to do that every couple of weeks!

I’m giving you a free month of Tailwind if you sign up *here!

For Email Lists

I use MailerLite for my email lists on both Chronillicles and Georgina Banks Photography and they have made using email lists extremely simple. MailerLite lets you have up to 1,000 subscribers completely free and it’s cheap to upgrade if you have more. You can create pop-ups, landing pages and sign-up forms incredibly easily and it’s simple to integrate those onto your blog. You can see my sign-up forms at the bottom of each of my posts.

You can find MailerLite using *this link.

Influencer Networks

Influencer networks are a great way to start earning money from your blog and social media. Brands will literally pay you for writing a review of a product or posting a photo of one! Here are my favourite influencer networks:

Ad Networks

Placing ads on your blog is the most passive way to make income from it. I’ve tried out a lot of different ad networks, but not all of them have worked well for me. Here are the ones I recommend:

Affiliate Programmes

Affiliate links allow you to receive a commission for people clicking through your links or, more commonly, making a purchase through your links. Affiliate networks, such as ShareASale and CJ Affiliate, are the best way to find affiliates to partner with. These are the affiliates and affiliate networks I recommend: