Weekly Pill Box by Anpole Product Review

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What is the Anpole Weekly Pill Box?

The Anpole Weekly Pill Box is a seven-day pill organiser created by Anpole. It features seven pill organisers in rainbow colours, each of which has four compartments – morn, noon, eve, bed. This makes taking pills so much easier and it allows you to track whether you’ve taken your medication or not.

The photo is a diagonal shot of a rainbow pill box. There is a white piece of card in the top left corner. The bottom right half of the image is rainbow pill boxes (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink). - Anpole Pill Box Review

Why did I decide to try this pill organiser?

I did a lot of looking around before landing on this one. I take medications four times a day, so needed at least four compartments, which ruled out a lot of pill organisers. The Anpole Weekly Pill Organiser seemed perfect (and it is!). It’s also Amazon’s Choice, so I thought I’d try this one, as it has a 4.5-star rating from 103 reviews. It’s also cheaper than some others at £8.99 and is available on Amazon Prime.

Who is the Anpole Weekly Pill Box perfect for?

This pill organiser is perfect for anyone who takes a lot of medications throughout the day. There are 28 compartments, each of which can contain pills of all different sizes, including large ones. It’s also perfect for people who have brain fog (like me), as it’s easy to track whether you’ve taken your pills or not by looking in the pill organiser to see if they’re still there.

The photo is of rainbow pill organisers (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink from left to right). They are all filled with tablets. - Anpole Weekly Pill Box Review


  • It has four compartments for each day (7 days total), which are perfect for how often I take my medications.
  • The days are named, which helps me keep track of which day of the week we’re on.
  • The times are named – morn, noon, eve, bed – which I like.
  • The compartments are see-through, so you can easily check whether you have taken your medication.
  • The seven days are separate, so you don’t have to carry around all your pills for the week, you can just take out one day.
  • The lids can’t be ripped off (broken) easily.
  • The leather case is compact compared to carrying around lots of pill bottles, so it’s light and easy to carry around.


  • The writing rubs off a little bit after a while.
  • The week of pills starts on a Sunday, whereas in the UK, the week starts on a Monday. It’s kind of annoying that if I want the week to start on a Monday, I have to ruin the rainbow (I don’t do this though).


I love the Anpole Pill Box, especially as it’s so colourful. It’s made taking all my medications so much easier and less of a chore. Since using it, I rarely forget to take my medications and it helps me keep track of whether I’ve taken them already or not.

I love using my Weekly Pill Box by Anpole. You can get yours here.


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