Why Home-Learning was the Best Decision I Ever Made

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I started home-learning about three months ago and it’s the best decision I could have made, and did make, for myself and my health.

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What I did before home-learning

Before I started home-learning, I was in college. I started college in September 2017, because even though I didn’t feel completely better, I felt well enough to go. And I was – for a term. In January 2018, I had to reduce my hours down from full-time to 1 hour a day, and sometimes I couldn’t even manage that. That didn’t last very long. Within a few weeks, I had to stop going in completely. I had work that I could do at home, but when I was put on amitriptyline, my symptoms were exacerbated and I couldn’t think straight. The brain fog was back.

After about a month of not going into college, I was told I had to give up my place. They said that as I hadn’t been in for five weeks, I was no longer a student. Despite not feeling any better four months later, I was re-enrolled, but with two subjects instead of three. I didn’t want to do this, but my parents said it was the best thing for me.

In September, I didn’t go back to college. In fact, I never did. I wasn’t well enough. At the end of November, I gave up my place after deciding to do home-learning instead. I enrolled in the NEC (National Extension College) the next day and never looked back.


Why I love home-learning

Home-learning is by far the best way for me to do my A levels. I can study when and where I want (it’s always been in my room so far, though) and I don’t have the anxiety about going into college while feeling nauseated. As I don’t have a class schedule, I can work when I feel like I will remember what I’m studying and when I don’t have brain fog. Another thing I love about studying from home is that I don’t have to walk anywhere – except for downstairs to get food – which has helped me so much, because I can’t walk far and I would be exhausted just walking to my classes in college.

Studying from home has helped me manage my health so much better. I’m so glad I discovered this was a possibility.

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2 Replies to “Why Home-Learning was the Best Decision I Ever Made”

  1. That’s awesome actually!
    You never gave up learning, and that is the most important thing.
    Keep going and find your own path in life and education!

    Best regards,
    Build the Giant

  2. I home-study too, and I’m almost done with the career. Good luck with your studies! I’m glad it has worked out for you too

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